Best of the Rest – ESS Review, VES Helmet Cam, Terrible FF & Leader?, Promotions, and My New Thinking Cap

Right now is the busiest time of the year for me. It starts when Lacrosse season begins (I am the coach of a team of 23 U11 players). I do it because they don’t have enough coaches and because my son plays. I don’t even have an assistant coach. I am not the best coach in the World, but I think I get the job done.

On top of that, FDIC was just held in Indianapolis. Last year, FDIC was a blast and when I got back I felt as though I was stuck under a heap of work…that heap never let up. I have the same issue this year, and again I never dug myself out of the work last year.

I am managing though. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Currently, we are behind on about 8 reviews over at The ESS Eye Pro review is complete and can be seen here. The 1st in Leather review will be up later today.

Keep me informed of what is going on. I try to keep up, but it isn’t happening. If you want information shared on “Best of the Rest”, email me or contact me another way.

The video below is VES Helmet Cam video out of Colorado Springs, CO. More info on it here: offers a view and commentary on a Vent-Enter-Search (VES) Video in the latest post. Read it here.

News and Opinion

Jottings and Writings (a Firefighting blog) is looking for information to put in an article about budget cuts. If you have information to share or an opinion to share please check this out here.

Model City Firefighter continues his column “Blowin Smoke” with a newer blogger on the scene – Check out the article here. offers his latest post “I’m A Terrible Firefighter And An Even Worse Leader“. Read it and offer your opinion in the comments.

Box Alarm Leather has a new line of custom products out in collaboration with MN8 Foxfire. “Illuminated by Foxfire” gear can be ordered on their Facebook page. You might also check out their web site for more products.

Check out my new fire helmet straw hat with laser etched “Fire Critic” custom shield. The hat comes from Saint Florian Clothing. is chock full of great content this past week or so. We send our condolensces to Bill on the loss of his wife. Mike Ward and the rest of the crew have been keeping the blog hopping with a ton of great stories.’s Captain Wines wrote a great piece titled Promotions… “SILLY SEASON” is here, Recruitment, Retention and More! has several great posts up. Check them out here.

Out West, the Panther, Spring, and Summit fires have been burning. Check out Wildfire Today and Firefighter Blog for more information on these fires.

Dave Statter continues to keep it real…in true “retired guy” spirit, he shows the rest of us that he doesn’t sleep and continues to post around the clock. Check out all of the great stuff over at

Firehouse Zen offers “No Trash Talking – Follow Up” in his latest post. Read it here.

Fully Involved offers another great article “Crossroads”. Read it here.

The video below was shared by a reader.

Have you ever thought about using the local park for training?