Lt. Fleitz and Capt. Wines Debut on MSNBC’s Extreme Caught on Camera: 100th Episode

Last night, Captain Wines ( and myself were part of the panel discussing shocking videos on MSNBC’s “Extreme Caught on Camera: 100th Episode”. We shot the interviews in October, on our way back from the NFFF Memorial Weekend.

We had a blast doing the interviews and we have been waiting for the show to air. We were a little apprehensive of how it would all turn out. Our worry was that we would come off sounding like idiots after the editing. That didn’t happen.

What did happen was Willie hollering “MAKEUP” in between each segment. He had to make sure the stache was looking good. What a Diva!

We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Thank you for all of the comments on Facebook and Twitter. We appreciate it!

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If you didn’t know about it, or weren’t able to catch it or record it…don’t worry.

It will air again on May 4th at 7pm on MSNBC