Captain Wines and I Do Primetime on MSNBC’s “Caught on Camera”

Back in October, Captain Wines and I made a quick stop in DC after the NFFF Memorial Weekend. We stopped in DC to be interviewed for the MSNBC show “Caught on Camera”. We weren’t sure what to expect, and still aren’t sure how it all ended up, but the wait will soon be over. We will all get to see the primetime debut of Wines and myself on Sunday evening. We are excited and hope that we don’t come off like bumbling idiots.

Above is the preview of the video.

The show is MSNBC’s 100th Episode of “Extreme Caught on Camera”. It airs Sunday, April 28th at 7pm on MSNBC. Check your local listings for exact times. Set your DVR’s to record. Then let us know how we did. Captain Wines writes about it here.