LODD – Roof Collapse at Philadelphia 3 Alarm Fabric Store Fire Leaves 1 Firefighter Dead, 2nd Injured

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A 3 alarm fire in a building on Fabric Row in South Philadelphia claimed the life of a Philadelphia Fire Captain and injured another firefighter. The fire broke out at South 4th and Fitzwater Streets on Saturday.

Captain Michael Goodwin

Captain Michael Goodwin died of injuries sustained during a roof collapse. Goodwin was assigned to Ladder 27 and was a 29 year veteran of the Philadelphia FD. Firefighter Andrew Godlinski was burned in the attempted rescue of Captain Goodwin.

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Captain Michael Goodwin, 53, was killed in the line of duty, Amy Daly, a nursing supervisor at Jefferson University Hospitals, told The Associated Press. Goodwin was a 29-year veteran of the fire department. Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers says he was killed in a fall from the third floor roof to the second.The second firefighter, Andrew Godlinski, 28, of Ladder 2, was hospitalized with burns. Officials say he was injured while trying to rescue Captain Goodwin. He is expected to survive.


A three-alarm fire Saturday night raced through a fabric store, upstairs apartments and a boutique next door at South 4th and Fitzwater Streets in South Philadelphia, fatally injuring a firefighter when part of the building’s roof collapsed.The collapse left the firefighter trapped inside the building on the street known as Fabric Row, officials said. Other firefighters saluted as his body was carried out on a stretcher and taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.A second firefighter was hospitalized with burns after what officials described as a rescue attempt. There were no immediate reports of injuries to others.

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Photography by Peter Tobia
Fire on 4th & Fitzwater St. in section of Philadelphia known as fabric row on Saturday, April 6, 2013. For the Inquirer / Peter Tobia