Spring Break Family Vacation in NYC and Connecticut

Many of you know that I am on vacation with the family in New York City. My children are on spring break and we headed out, Griswold style, to Connecticut and New York City. My sister lives in NYC and we got to see my niece for the first time. Now we are in NYC and my kids are enjoying the sights and sounds for the first time.

One of the stops I really wanted to make is the 9-11 Memorial. We did that yesterday. My children understand some of what happened that day. We filled in some of the spaces yesterday.

Among the rest of our stops is the Yankees/Red Sox game tonight, Central Park, and some more great restaurants. Below are some pictures. I have also been uploading pictures to my Facebook Profile. Feel free to friend me there too.

I am trying my best not to make this a fire related vacation. We have only stopped in one firehouse (Marine 1). We have passed by many others.

I will be back home Friday night. Regular updating on FireCritic.com will be this weekend.

Photos from Connecticut Below