Felons as Firefighters…They Keep Proving My Point That It IS NOT a Good Idea!

Felons as Firefighters? I still don’t think it is necessary to allow felons to be firefighters. That being said, I have heard from some who have turned their lives around and become upstanding firefighters by their accounts and some of their peers. Unfortunately, some felons who have infiltrated the fire service continue to prove my point that it isn’t a necessity.

Captain John Pernay Fields

The latest is charges against Piney Grove Fire and Rescue Department (NC) Captain John Pernay Fields. Pernay, 34, was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a felon among other charges.


Fields is listed on the department’s website as a captain. He will remain suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation, Piney Grove fire officials said.

Fields was convicted on felony vehicle breaking and entering charges in 1996 and served four months in prison, according to state arrest records.

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