Video: Big Fire in Hanoi, Vietnam

One thing is for sure…these guys have their hands full on this fire!

Video by: ntvinh1602. Video info: An intense fire destroyed completely 5-floor house in Au Co Street, Hanoi, Vietnam on Monday afternoon March 11, 2013. The first two firetrucks reached the scene after 30 mins and couldnt do anything because the fire was so huge, one firetruck was out of water and there is no fire water pole nearby. After 2 hours, the fire was barely extinguished and controlled by hundreds firefighters with 12 firetrucks but the house was collapsed. Luckily, nobody was killed and injured.

The burned house was a large furniture showroom. According to neighbors, recently house’s owners have accumulated large amount of paint in 3rd floor in order to repair the showroom. “Today I heard some weird sounds and I saw several workers was welding on 3rd floor. Welding slag and sparks might fall off flammable materials and ignite the fire”, said a neighbor.