Backdraft in Harrison, NJ Caught on Video. Viral Fireground Video Catches Rare Occurrence that Injured 5 Firefighters (3 Videos)

I know I am a little late on this one, but non-the-less it is a great video(s). This video will probably be utilized in training for years to come. The fire occurred at 600 Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. in Harrison. More coverage by here.

Video by T00LS.


Five firefighters were hurt in a terrifying explosion and extra-alarm blaze in Harrison, N.J., Sunday afternoon.

.. when the fire was at its height, a dangerous backdraft was caught on video, CBS 2’s Steve Langford reported. Backdrafts are an explosive phenomenon, and they are one of the worst things that can go wrong in a firefight.

One of those badly hurt when the backdraft erupted was a battalion chief.

“When that glass blew out, he got it all in his face and his body,” said Harrison fire Capt. Robert Gillen. “He was bleeding profusely.”

Video by Andy T.

Video by David W

Video by quake4ever2007