The Best of the “Harlem Shake” Firefighter Edition Videos As Performed Around the World (17 Videos)

Below are most of the firefighter versions of the “Harlem Shake” as seen on Youtube. I posted one that is hilarious a week or so ago and since then firefighters have been busy making their own. The original one I posted now has over 5 million hits. I am not sure any top the original chickenman and spiderman…but some are pretty good. When I first saw the original video I posted I had no clue what the “Harlem Shake” was…now I wish I could have my innocence back!

Check out the EMS Versions of the Harlem Shake here

I did my best to find the originals since everyone copies stuff on youtube. If you have the original and it isn’t below, get me the link.

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Here they are in no particular order.