Best of the Rest – SnoMageddon, FF Obesity, Protecting Lives, The Firefighter Harlem Shake, and much more!

A bunch of great links below. Check them out. I don’t waste my time putting them up here for nothing! You can’t find this kind of concentrated fire/EMS news,links,info anywhere else! Send in your links and information to share:

Here is an article about my department. It seems as though all of the old firehouses will be gone in time…It probably won’t be overnight though.

Paul Hasenmeier at First Due Tackle is seeking information and a name for a tool that has been on a rig a long time. Any help is welcome.

Backstep Firefighter – This is a great read about “Our Jobs” and “Victim Survivability Profiling” titled PROTECTING LIVES and written by David LeBlanc. Be sure to read this one!

Michael Morse of Rescuing Providence has been awarded a $25 thousand dollar grant from the Rhode Island Foundation. Read about it here

Jason Hoevelmann has created a new Facebook Page for The New Fire Officer (and also titled the same). Check it out here

Captain Willie Wines Jr. writes a post about a recent visit to the Lexington, VA FD and asks for a Do Over. Read it here

Ben Feagle writes about Rocket Propelled Fire Engines and Leading in Front on Interestingly enough, while I knew his name and I am unsure if we have met…I did get to read a bunch about him in the words of one of his very humbled former firefighters. Brandon Roark talks about Feagle on The Model City Firefighter new column “Blowin’ Smoke“. I should definitely be reading more of Feagle’s articles!

Fire Chief offers and article on “How to Combat Firefighter Obesity“. While I may not verbalize it much on this site and elsewhere, I cannot stand seeing obese firefighters. It is counterproductive to our purpose.

From Within The Fire – The latest is Dealing with Grief and Loss. Think of this site as an online Bible study for firefighters and others.

Dave Statter “King of the Buffs” has a helmet camera video out of Throop, PA. Check it out here has a story of a helicopter crash that killed 3 people while filming an untitled military reality show by the Discovery Channel. Read about it here

If you haven’t seen the Firefighter Version of the Harlem Shake, click here now for a good laugh!

Brother in need of help after House Fire (From MN8 FoxFire): We are all part of the firefighter family. When one of us goes down we all help them back up. This weekend one of our brothers was unfortunately on the other side of our job. His home caught fire. Most of the house was salvaged however the room of origin contained his firefighter memorabilia collection. He lost it all. Please help him rebuild his collection by sending a patch, t-shirt (XL) or other firefighter memorabilia.

Please send donations to:
C/O Justin Fund
500 Wyoming Ave.
2nd Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Make sure to include your return address because we will be sending a special Foxfire gift to anyone that donates an item.

Below is a feel good story out of Hillsborough County, FL.

The ducklings that fell through a grate and into a storm sewer have been carried to safety, thanks to the efforts of Hillsborough County firefighters and other rescuers. (Feb. 10, 2013) [Carolina Hidalgo |]