Contributing Site “Youtube” Makes it Big on Huff Post AND with Helmet Camera Footage from Highland Park, MI

You guys aren’t going to believe this…

One of our biggest contributors to The Fire Critic, Youtube, made it big on the Huffington Post AND I can’t believe how we have been able to propel Youtube to its current status…and we certainly appreciate everything that Youtube has sent us in the past. Next thing you know I will be inventing a hose stretcher!

This is like looking into a mirror at a mirror…where is the end?


Actually, this is a little spoof on Dave Statter taking all of the credit for the work that Firefighter Scott Ziegler (HPZ1442 on Youtube) has done on the job and captured with a helmet camera. The latest video is at compilation of his footage for the past year.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the last time that Dave will take credit for someone else…or feel slighted when a larger site like the Huff Post beats him to the punch.

Check out the story I am talking about on here & the original post from Huffington Post here

The video is below, description below that.

Scott writes:

I put together a bunch of clips from some of the better helmet cam footage I got this year while fighting fires in Highland Park. I had to replace several lens’s and a couple mounts throughout the year, so the camera was not always on my helmet. I used a contour ROAM. other then the lens being easily scratch I would have to say it held up great for what it went through. Hope to have many more videos in 2013