Video: Stubborn House Fire in PA. Venting the Roof Does the Trick

While the video doesn’t begin when firefighters are on scene, it does show firefighters trying to get to the seat of the fire…or at least the remainder of the fire that is causing them trouble. What we don’t see is the possible attack on the fire inside the house before the video begins.

Firefighters head to the roof to cut a hole and are met with fire venting from the roof once the hole is cut. Also note the windy conditions they are working with.

The fire was at 341 North Vine Street, Berwick Borough, Columbia County, PA.

Once the roof is cut, the operation goes defensive. The fire occurred on 10-29 according to the video, but I believe it has just now made it to youtube. One part of the video is below, there are a total of 7 available here.