6th Day of Christmas Winners!

Below are the winners of the giveaway for the 6th Day of Christmas in the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. You can still enter if you have not yet (Enter here).

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Here are today’s winners:

Gary Freundlich – Smoke is Showing – Brotherhood Print 16×24 plate mounted

Andrew Walker – ESS Eye Protection – ESS Eyepro kit including  eye protection sunglasses, hat, shirt, huggie, and stickers

Tim Newton – NM Coin – Fire Critic/Iron Firemen coin and patch

Chris Wuertz – CommandSim’s Sims U Share – Windows or MAC. Training technology aimed to help instructors rapidly create realistic, localized experiences they can use to train on and discuss.

More on these prizes and companies:

Smoke is Showing

Giving away: Brotherhood Print 16×24 plate mounted (seen below)

Web Site – SmokeIsShowing.ca
Facebook – Smoke Is Showing Fan Page

Located in southern Ontario, Canada Mitchell is the photographer behind Smoke is Showing Fire Photography he provides photography for training, live scene, apparatus and traditional firefighter portraits and collages to departments. He also create custom and creative helmet and turn out gear images.

ESS Eye Protection

Giving away: 6 ESS Eyepro kits including glasses, hat, shirt, huggie, and stickers. There are two sets of three different packages (seen below).

Web Site – ESSEyePro.com
Facebook – ESS Eye Pro Fan Page
Twitter – @ESSEyePro
Youtube – ESSEyePro

Also Note: ESS Pro Program is for anyone involved in Public Safety in the US (i.e. Fire and EMS providers). To apply send an e-mail to deptrep@esseyepro.com with your name, position, and the name of your department. Once approved you will receive 40% off of ESS sunglasses and eyeshields. The process is quick and easy.

NM Coin

Giving away: Fire Critic/Iron Firemen coin and patche

Web Site – NM-Coin.com
Facebook – NM Coin LLC Fan Page
Twitter – @NMCoin

We not only build the highest quality challenge coins, embroidered patches, badges and more, we build tradition. From start to finish we’ve been creating items for top agencies in the US. Give us a call today to get the NM Coin difference for your organization.

Command Sim – SimsUShare App

Giving away: CommandSim’s Sims U Share Windows or MAC, a $35.00 value. (12 winners)

Web Site – CommandSim.com and SimsUShare.CommandSim.com
Facebook – simsUShare
Twitter – @SimsUShare
Community –  Command Sim Community

SimsUShare is a new, patent-pending technology aimed to help instructors and students connect better in the classroom by enabling them to rapidly create realistic, localized experiences they can use to train on and discuss. Check out this article about the technology

The CommandSim team is made up of individuals with strong backgrounds in Emergency Response, Emergency Management,
and simulation technology.