Best of the Rest – Giveaways, Training, and Bored At Work on The Chive

Yesterday, The Fire Critic Facebook Page finally pulled ahead of Dave Statter’s Facebook page. Since then, he has regained the lead. However, in being true to a promise I made about a year ago I will be giving away a leather helmet shortly. Don’t worry, I will have the information posted for everyone to see. I have a phone call with a company on Saturday about a possible helmet. I do not know what kind we will be giving away, but you can be sure it will be leather.


By now, most of you have heard about the Fire Critic/ 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. This is quite possibly the largest giveaway ever (fire service related). There will be 44 winners and the giveaway started yesterday. You can still enter if you haven’t yet. The winners are announced daily on and

Sign up here – Prize Schedule – Prizes Listed here

Dave Statter is giving away 5 bricks on the “Walk of Honor” at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. The 21st is the last day to enter. More information here.

Phenix Fire Helmets and ESS (Eye Safety Systems) are giving away 40 helmets to help celebrate our 40th successful year in business. We are working with National Firefighters Endowment to give these helmets to a department in need. How would you like to win 40 new fire helmets for your department? Enter here – Firefighters Endowment has partnered with Phenix Fire Helmets to give away 40 helmets to a deserving department to celebrate 40 years of service. Enter the PHOTO CONTEST by submitting the best pic of your crew. The top ten by way of votes will enter the finals for a chance to win. Enter now and spread the word to vote.

Glove Crafters continues to give away gloves! “We will be drawing today’s winner soon. Be sure to get your entries in by signing up to our mailing list if you haven’t already. You can use this link:

 Other Noteworthy Articles – Captain Wines has begun his “Sexy Santa Helpers” in conjunction with announcing the 12 Days of Christmas winners. Check it out here. Also, be sure to check out his Facebook page and click like!

Fully Involved – Mark Vonappen offers his latest post “Being Ready”.

“Keeping team members engaged during training is paramount to achieving high performance levels when they are called upon to act.  How do we accomplish this in training when our fires continue to decline, when our training budgets are being slashed, when our firefighters have to continually come off the bench and perform at elite levels on skills not practiced for weeks or even months?   How do we keep our heads in the game?”

First Due Tackle – A look at a fatal school bus accident that didn’t injure any students. Read more here

Engine House Training – Buddy Breathing Hose Practice

A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy – Company Drill: Standpipe Operations

It is no secret that Firefighters are fans of The Chive. Each day, The Chive shares hundreds of photos in various categories on the site. One of those categories is “Bored at Work”. The photo below was submitted to them. The point is that I am looking for the department so I can apply. I would love to lounge around in lingerie at work! I am sure Captain Wines will too! Check out The Chive here and the column where the photo below appears is here.