Firefighter Kids: The Future of the Fire Service

Ah…cute children dressed up as firefighters and posing in front of rigs. Some of these children are the future of our fire service. Growing up around it makes it easy to decide to become a firefighter. The first photo was the inspiration for this post and if I get more photos I will do another post. If you would like to share your pictures, send them to

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Hosdwn on Twitter shared this picture of his child

West McBride’s Son

Above and below are Patrick Mackay’s children Jake and Laural

Shane Parkins shared his childrens photos. Above is Oliver, below is Emmalyn.

Above and the two photos below are the children of Brother and Fire Chief Scott Morrison

Above is Katrina Warshaw, below she sits with her dad Tommy. These photos are from 2009.

Brother Jeff Bogden and his son Jake around “his trucks” at age 18 months above.
Age  2 below

 Jake at age 3 below

Christian Adams sent in this photo of  Jack in the rescue!

Above and three below are Gillian Cox’s children

The picture above and two below were sent in by Mitchell Brown

Gary Keller’s (Oakwood Volunteer Fire Dept) children above and next 4 pictures
Above: J hanging a patch from his Dad’s Oakwood station on the wall at the MN8 Foxfire office

 M wearing Dad’s helmet during fire prevention day at school

 J on the front of an engine with another firefighter from the station getting ready for a parade

 J and his Dad getting ready to serve dinner for the station’s soup and sandwich supper

M with Dad’s helmet

 Brother Andrew Catron sent in this photo of his little man

Brother Andrew Puckett sent this photo in and says “I am a proud father of my twin boys (Drew left, and Charlie right). They will be three this December. The fire service is a family and like me, these boys will grow up in the fire service. My father was the Chief of Richlands Virginia. I have an old news paper clipping of us when I was about 4 or 5. You never forget those memories. Love the blog and keep up the fight.”

Brother Eddie Cox sent in this photo of his daughter Faith Cox who is a junior firefighter with the Northwoods FD

Above and below are Mak Fox with his daughter Dylan. Mak is with Local 573 in Kirkland Lake, Ontario Canada

Brother Billy Smith and his son having some fun!

The photo above and three below are of Brother Walt Goebel’s son.

Never let your guard down…your father will use this one against you later in life!