Best of the Rest – Nathan’s Christmas, Call for Photos, Reasons, Good Enough?, and Much More!

Life has been busy the past week. I took 2/3 of the cyle off for Thanksgiving…It is nice to have seniority (although I am working Christmas day). I also took off from and didn’t even fire up the computer for 3 days. Thanks to my new iphone I can do a lot mobile. It is refreshing after my droid x that hardly even worked anymore.

Here is a very short but sweet Best of the Rest!

First a note about the photo albums on

The photo albums on have been a huge hit. To be included, all you have to do is send your pictures (and info if you want) to You can send any photos you would like relating to fire and/or EMS. Specifically, pictures of firefighter kids, license plates, crews, firehouses, rigs, helmets, random pics, custom kitchen tables, and holiday photos. I run the photo articles once I have enough pictures in the categories.

Support Nathan Norman!

Nathan is an awesome little guy stricken by cancer. He has an awesome family so lets send our prayers up for his healing to the ultimate Healer –  On you tube at

Nathan’s Facebook page is here

I have a Fire Critic/Iron Firemen coin & patch on its way to Nathan. Crosstitched is sending 4 of our shirts to them as well.

Backstep Firefighter – Defining Aggressive part I – Tasks and Identity

Iron Firemen – Pride…Going the extra mile and making a kid smile

Iron Firemen – The latest on the “New Firefighting Technique” in Wytheville, VA

Fire Service Warrior – Good Enough? by Pete Sulzer

From Within the Fire – Romans 2: Judgement – They’re Just Volunteers – Who can keep up with all of the fires he covers? Check out the site and try to keep up! – Construction Crane Burns in Australia…caught on video – “Promising leads” in case of serial arsonist in Accomack County

First Due Tackle – Light Box Instructions – Where’s the Training?

1st Generation Firefighter – First post in a while

Fully Involved – Reasons

Firefighter Spot – Plenty of video available here!

HP Firefighter – Plenty of articles here as well!

The Fire Critic – Firefighter Kids: The Future of the Fire Service (37 images)

The Fire Critic – A Firefighter Details his Wife’s Response With the Red Cross During Hurricane Sandy

Fire Training Toolbox

John Shafer of Green Maltese sent this:

I would like to invite you all to check out our new FREE online training program and share with your crews.  This program is very unique since we have 5 different states represented by the instructors that are presenting.

ACCESS ISSUES IS NOW LIVE at Simply go to the homepage, click the MODULES link then Access Issues. It’s a large file so please be patient as it loads. Thank You!

Fire Training Toolbox

Engine 802 & Tanker 804 at a chicken house fire on 11/24/12 took a county wide page and mutual aid from another county $800k loss. took 5hrs to contain it. Luckily no chickens were there at the time. Cause of fire was a pressure washer exploding. No injuries. This was in Hickory Valley in White County, TN. It took a county wide page of ten districts and mutual aid from Van Burean County for tanker support. Shared by Zach Brock.