Should Fire Departments Be Taking Some Hints from the Doomsday Preppers?

Has anyone watched the new show on National Geographic “Doomsday Preppers”? By all appearances, many of these people are planning for various futuristic doomsday possibilities that will likely not happen…although we really never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

The “preppers” are featured planning for various doomsday events by hoarding food, honing skills, learning new skills, preparing their homes, moving to better circumstances, and teaching their children among other things.

While I cannot wrap my head around the whole “sky is falling” mentality, I do understand the need to be able to thrive if something devastating were to happen to our way of life. I have only watched a couple of the shows and all of the preppers/families are not the same.

While watching the show it got me thinking…what if something did happen. Are Fire Departments prepared to sustain their staffing and response if we aren’t able to get to the grocery store, fuel pumps, or our homes.

This wouldn’t have to be the end of the World, Armageddon  or doomsday. This could be a localized event…like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina. What if all hell broke loose and you were needed as a first responder.

What is your plan if something big happens in your area and you are at the firehouse?

What does your family do?

What are you going to do?

Did you know that during Hurricane Katrina, some firefighters and police officers walked off the job to seek refuge for themselves and their families?

Who’s responsibile for my family if I am at work? My wife is fully capable of taking care of our children. I have told her to seek refuge at home, come to the firehouse if needed, or at worst she should head to some of our family’s house where she felt safest (out of town). But let’s be honest, if something happened and I was at work…I need to know my family is safe or I will simply have to leave to ensure their safety.

What about us? Firefighters, Police Officers, EMT’s…

Does your department have a plan to sustain food, fuel, water for the firehouses in the event of a disaster or potential doomsday?

Some of the firehouses in our department don’t even have emergency generators. Yeah, I know….that is mind boggling.

If we weren’t able to get to the grocery store, or the grocery store was out of food…we have no plan that I am aware of.

Should our firehouses have food storages? Should we have plans intact for events like this?

What does your department do to plan for events that could shut down the area you provide service for?