Best of the Rest – Best 2013 Calendars, Model City FF, Fire Armor Gloves, Great Blog Articles!

It continues to be very busy for everyone it seems. From Hurricane Sandy, to the recent LODD’s, to voting and putting up with all of the campaigning…throw in normal life, our families, the change in weather, Thanksgiving coming up, and Christmas around the corner. The end of 2012 is going out just as busy as it began this year. A lot of my friends on Facebook are doing some sort of 30 days of thanks. I imagine this leads up to Thanksgiving, but I must have missed the memo on it. I can tell you, as far as The Fire Critic goes, I am thankful for the loyal readers, fans, and friends which continues to grow each day. The Fire Critic Facebook Fan Page recently reached the 7000+ mark. This is quite the accomplishment considering that we had around half of that this time last year.

In case you missed two of the most popular articles of the year, I recently completed the Top Ten List for both Male and Female Firefighting Calendars. View them by the links below.

Top Ten Female CalendarsTop Ten Male Calendars

It has been so busy, I have not been able to do a “Best of the Rest” in several weeks. This post always takes a little time to put together and if I don’t have the time it doesn’t get completed. You can check out previous “Best of the Rest” articles here, they are chock full of info and links! If you would like to know how to be featured in the “Best of the Rest” it is simple…send me your stuff!

Shoutout – The “Model City” Firefighter

The “Model City” Firefighter is a blog created by a good friend and Brother Andrew Catron. He is doing a great job with this new venture. Much like a lot of the newer blogs who are able to “make it” longer than the honeymoon of being a new blogger wears off, he has paid attention to those of us who have been doing this for a while.

Keep up the great work Andrew!

Product Review of the Week

Glove Crafters Fire Armor Structural Firefighting Gloves

The Fire Armor Gloves might be the most comfortable firefighting gloves I have ever worn. They offer full dexterity due to the Five separate curved form fitting forchettes (see below). The materials used in the construction of gloves is very soft and doesn’t constrict the use of your hands at all.

The best part of is that you get to rate the products as well!

If you would like your product reviewed, or like to advertise on, check out this post explaining more.

Tweet of the Week

News and Opinion

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