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The entire crew (me) here at Fire Critic Headquarters has made a point of trying to get my hands on the latest products on the market. I do this in order to offer my view of what great products there are out there. This includes doing product reviews at The review site is a bit newer and was created to keep all of the reviews in one place. I am currently playing catch-up on the reviews. I still have many to complete. Since the sale of, I have had more time to focus on The Fire Critic and the review site.

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One of the most popular articles I write each year is the Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters. The article is set to come out soon. I do my best to focus on products that I have intimate knowledge of since it is my opinion on the line when I write. I do not want to mislead anyone into thinking that a product is decent when it really isn’t.

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That goes for all of the products I write, comment, or talk about. Trust me, I get more questions about products behind the scenes than what you see on the site. I always appreciate the chance to give my opinion. You will notice that the reviews are not “comparisons” of similar products. I don’t believe that comparing products is fair, especially when I don’t have every similar product to compare side by side.

Another thing you should know is that I don’t “endorse” products…yet. My endorsement would require some form of contract. The reviews I have done to this point are just that…a review. The company sends me what they want and I review it. I do have rules for reviews, you can read them here.

The best part of is that you get to rate the products too!

Captain Willie Wines Jr. ( also does reviews for as does some other bloggers. The list will continue to grow in the future as the site gains traction. It has not been the easiest process. I am not sure why so many companies would rather utilize huge budget expenses for marketing/advertising over a simple review or potential advertising.

Furthering the review process, I like to do a little more. This includes sharing their sites and social media outlets on my social media outlets and blog.

Enlarge for full image. You do the math…google “fire product reviews”, “firefighter product reviews”, or “firefighting product reviews” and see what comes up…try your own key words too!

Here are some of the latest reviews:

Here are some of the reviews in the works:

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