Hurricane Sandy Coverage: East Coast Firefighters Busy, LODD in CT, Severe Flooding in NE

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It has been confirmed that a firefighter has died in the line of duty in Easton, CT.

LODD – Easton, CT. There is word that a tree fell on an engine killing one member (story here). This occurred around 7pm tonight. Another link to the LODD story. More information on the LODD here.

Visit the Easton VFD (CT) Web site here

Update: 01:15

Queens Fire at 186st and hillside hollis this evening

Update: 01:00 Tuesday

Dave Statter has some video offered in his latest post here

Below is a fire at the Ocean Gate Market & Deli in Ocean Gate, New Jersey.

Video below: Haverford township , PA firefighters had to wait for the power to get cut off as this shed went up during Hurricane Sandy

Update: Midnight

The current death toll due to #Sandy is 11.

FDNY Incidents: Beach 207 St in Breezy TL-124 is reporting he has 2 full blocks of houses on fire.

I am currently listening to: FDNY Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island Live Audio Feed

NYC mayor says power out at NYU hospital, patients being evacuated

Update: 23:18 hours

Ohio Task Force 1 is heading east (not sure where though)

FDNY is busy with several fires across the City.

We are hearing reports that a Livingston, NJ Fire Engine overturned and trapped a firefighter. They requested a heavy rescue for the incident. Nothing further at this time.

Below video by 

The initial explosion at the Con Ed Plant, E14th and FDR in New York City. Released under Creative Commons License. Please credit: TrillianMedia.

Update: 22:20 hours

We are safe here in Roanoke. Wind Gusts reaching 60mph recorded at 10pm at the airport. Captain Wines is riding the car (BC2) tonight on the Northside. I go back to work on Thursday.

CBS has a special broadcast on Hurricane Sandy right now. One reporter is standing in front of a firehouse in Allenhurst, NJ.

Watch: Brooklyn Battery Tunnel flooded (Youtube Video)

Firefighters respond to a building collapse at 15th Street and 8th Avenue in the Meatpacking District Monday evening.

View more videos at:

Also…check out these idiots dancing…and the flooding in Atlantic City, NJ (below)

Update: 21:43 hours

Last I checked, there were almost 5000 listeners to the FDNY Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island Live Audio Feed

There is a 3rd alarm fire on City Island (FDNY).

A great source on Facebook for FDNY incidents is a Facebook Fan Page by that same name. Check it out!

Update: 21:12 hours

Tennessee Task Force 1 is deploying to Virginia.
Charlotte USAR Task Force heading to Maryland.

If you are wondering how the FDNY is doing, you can check their Facebook Page or NYC.Gov. According to friends, the 911 system is taking a hit and they are busy as hell!

There is still no official word on the possible LODD in Easton, CT. Here is another link on the story. Scroll down for the original post on this.

Below: A transformer explodes in Teaneck, NJ, Monday night. Homeowners Lisa and Bill Gilbert were in the house when they heard the pop, and the family fled as lines fell down, quickly sparking a fire. Firefighters are standing by as they cannot douse a live-wire fire.

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Original post at 20:42 hours (below)

POSSIBLE LODD – Easton, CT. There is word that a tree fell on an engine killing one member. This has not been verified, however there is this report here of CPR being administered to a Firefighter (story here). The possible LODD was also mentioned on this live coverage of the storm. This occurred around 7pm tonight.

Mashable has compiled the 7 Fake Hurricane Sandy Photos You’re Sharing on Social Media. Check them out…you have probably already shared them!

You can view the live web cam of Times Square here. As of this post, it seems rainy.

The New Jersey Weather Authority Facebook Page has a bunch of information and photos. Check it out!

The Lyndhurst Patch offered this very unique photo of firefighters battling a house fire in knee deep water. Check out the story (with 3 more images) here and more information below

Posted by Denise Karl, October 29, 2012: ‘As if a volunteer fire-fighter’s job wasn’t hard enough, now they have to do it in waist high water.’ Editor’s Note: This was a house fire on South Sixth Street in Lindenhurst, Mayor Tom Brennan and Ray Fais, emergency manager for the Village confirmed. They had no other details about this fire, and a call to Lindenhurst Fire Chief Jim Gallagher wasn’t immediately returned on Monday during Hurricane Sandy. Credit Denise Karl

Hurricane Sandy Stories and links:

Here are some pictures from Robert E. Hagelberg Jr. of East Rockaway, NY during the first high tide today and showing the firehouse is ready to go!