Now Led by Taylor Goodman

Many of you know that along with and some other web sites, I was the creator of The site began in 2006 when I realized that there wasn’t any site of its form in Virginia. For the past 6 years, I have updated the site regularly with Fire and EMS news from across the State.

I am no longer the editor/owner of I will be focusing my attention to making a bigger and better!

Taylor Goodman has purchased the site from me and is now in control.


The site’s new editor, Taylor Goodman, is a veteran firefighter and is proud to be assuming control of the site.  Taylor’s employed as a lieutenant with the Henrico County Division of Fire, and serves as the Assistant Chief of the Huguenot Volunteer Fire Department in Powhatan County.  He’s an avid fire service photographer, and has a vast knowledge of fire & EMS throughout all corners of Virginia.  His network of friends and co-workers will help him bring to new heights in the end of 2012 and into the new year.

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The best news is that I didn’t really have to look for the right guy to purchase the web site. I simply put a bug in a couple guys ears and the next time I bumped into Taylor, he said he was interested. I knew right away, after seeing his interest, that he was the right person to hand the site off to. I couldn’t be more pleased with the turn of events.

To be quite honest, Taylor is probably a better fit for the role than I ever was. Taylor is very well connected within Virginia’s Fire Service…I am not as much. Sure, I know people all over the Country, but Taylor is deep seeded in the vast network within the State. That is a realm that I was never able to crack. What that means for the readers is that Taylor should be able to share much more news and information with everyone.

I feel certain that it will not take long for Taylor to get the site back up to its peak back in 2010. Since 2010, there has been a decrease in attention to This was in part due to me focusing my attention to

If you are in Virginia, be sure to congratulate Taylor on his new role. Also be sure to submit news, information, events, photos, and video to him at!

Good Luck Taylor!