Get your “Hey Brother” Shirts Now from Crosstitched!

Captain Wines and I have partnered up with Crosstitched to create our Fire Critic/Iron Firemen T-shirts.

You can find them exclusively on

The shirts have a great design, yet a simple phrase “Hey Brother” on the back.

Why “Hey Brother” you might ask? When Willie and I were talking about having shirts made we thought about putting “Pride, Honor, Respect, Tradition” on them. Then we thought, what about “Hey Brother”. After all, that is how we greet most firefighters we have met. It seemed simple enough, so that is what we did.

It also goes back to my post “Are you and Undercover Brother?”

Be sure to share your pictures with us if you get the shirt!

Much thanks to our Brother Nate Camfiord for giving us his time for shooting the photos for the shirts. When Clayton at Crosstitched said he wanted to use photos of us in the shirts on the web site, we knew we had to have Nate shoot them. I don’t know what he does, or how he does it, but the small touch he puts on the pictures really sets them off. We couldn’t be happier.