Firehouse Expo – Meet up with Willie and Me with MN8 FoxFire

Firehouse Expo

Willie and I head out for Baltimore and Firehouse Expo on Wednesday. I have to pull half a shift and then we will be there. Booth #123 is where you can find us. That will be the home of the MN8 FoxFire team including Willie and I. Zach Green has been busy traversing the Nation spreading the word on MN8’s illuminating products. If you have never seen this stuff in person or been in the booth with Willie and I are there, make it a point to stop by. Unfortunately, we will only be there Thursday and Friday. I have to be home for an event Saturday.

MN8 FoxFire Booth #123

Picture by FDIC staff.

Firehouse Expo FOOLS Bash

We will be at the FOOLS Bash on Thursday night with the Firehouse Dolls models and plenty of FOOLS from all over. The event is being hosted by the Central Maryland FOOLS and Northern Virginia FOOLS. Wear your lid if you can. I will be there in a kilt and lid.

Don’t be shy…introduce yourself and Willie will buy you a beer!

The FOOLS Bash starts at 3pm and includes a cornhole tournament and dunk tank. The bash is at Powerplant Live at Baltimore Inner Harbor. Cups (for the golden beverages) are $10 at the FOOLS Expo Booth at Firehouse Expo or $15 at the gates to Powerplant live. More info here. The event is raising funds for the Metro Firefighters Burn Fund.

Firehouse Expo 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

There will be a stair climb event at Firehouse Expo on Thursday. Sign up and climb, or sign up to support FDNY programs and let someone else carry one of the 343. Make sure you sign up here. I will not be able to climb this year.

Green Building Construction For The Fire Service

John Shafer is teaching at Firehouse Expo. Friday, room 343 at noon. Be there. More information here.

Geezer and Statter at Expo

See FireGeezer, Dave Statter, and more will be in booth #743 at Firehouse Expo. Dave is already crying the blues that I won’t be in his booth this year (read here). He apparently isn’t good at attracting crowds.