Buchanan VFD Chief Resigns Amid Controversy

Billy Joe Carter has resigned as Chief of the Buchanan Volunteer Fire Department. I am certain that Carter did it for all the right reasons and came to the decision himself. I am happy to see change in the BVFD and hope for new and refreshing leadership at Buchanan Fire.

I wrote a post the other day updating everyone on the latest in the drama in Buchanan. Several things have happened since then.

The Roanoke Times posted this story on Tuesday [Blog writer says Buchanan Fire Chief Threatened Him]

Yesterday, the Roanoke Times editorial staff published an editorial [Step Down, Billy Joe Carter] in the paper asking for Buchanan VFD Fire Chief Billy Joe Carter to resign.

Today, another article on Roanoke.com [Buchanan Volunteer Fire Chief Faces Another Charge] told of ANOTHER warrant

I am happy to see that Billy Joe stepped down.

I am also glad that Willie Wines Jr. will be able to come out of the Armored Blog Mobile just in time to let Obama’s Secret Service use it tomorrow when Obama will be in Roanoke!

Willie’s super secret blog mobile. He has been in hiding for the past week while all this blows over.