A New Toy at the Firehouse

While Willie is busy talking about Porn Stars and making the felons in Buchanan so mad they are shooting at Deputies, I am just trying to keep to myself.

Just little ole me, flying under the radar. No cares in the world, sleeping good at night, with a clear conscious.

Meanwhile, the Buckaroo is once again keeping a watchful eye over Willie out there in Catawba. Second left, 5 miles out, right past the old oak tree if you are looking.

Captain Mac Craft, my Captain, is off for a bit. He might be the BMOC (big man on campus), but when he is gone I am the HDIC (head dick in charge)! We are having the usual fun and the guys are walking all over me. I am such a pushover. The guys even stay up late when Capt. ain’t here. I don’t get it.

Actually, that is far from the truth. My crew is top notch. When Mac is off, I don’t need to worry about much…just what to cook for these guys.

We have been working out regularly. Today I got to work out with CJ Arrington. He is a B-shifter and filling in for Parker today. We got a brand new “used” tire. Mulford did the leg work on it and I picked it up. We flipped the hell out of that thing today. Our estimation is that it weighs around 200 lb’s.

We will add this workout to our repertoire. We don’t have a huge weight room and work with what we have. I can tell you that tires like these are not hard to find. Most companies that might have a used tire like this laying around would rather give it away than pay for its disposal.

Me, wearing out the new toy!

CJ showing the new toy who is boss!

The new toy cost the City some money today…Big Dave Lucas split his pants flipping the tire. Not to worry, he had underpants on unlike a similar story that came out of the County.