Photos For Dyrk – God made kids like Dyrk so firefighters could have heroes!

Dyrk Burcie is the 4 year old son of Dallas Firefighter Dameon Burcie. Dyrk has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dallas Firefighters decided to put together pictures of themselves with Dyrk’s name and a message to cheer the family up. It grew from there and has been featured on National mainstream web sites. Firefighters from around the World have jumped in and snapped a picture with “Dyrk”.

My photo for Dyrk. His name appears on the windshield.

This is a personal message for Dyrk from the Fire Critic:

Dyrk, thanks for giving firefighters across the World something to care about, something to keep them busy, something to accomplish, and something to do as a team. You may not realize how much joy one can get by this small accomplishment of creating a “photo for Dyrk”, but I assure you that it is well worth the couple of minutes it takes to do it. To see the photos from across the globe of firefighters posing with your name is amazing. You did that. You made that happen. Everyone wins. Thanks for being courageous in your battle. It is children like you who guys like me look up to for inspiration.

“God made kids like Dyrk so firefighters could have heroes!”

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