Colorado Springs FD Owns Up to Being the Butt of Youtube Video

The Colorado Springs FD Chief Rich Brown owned up to being the butt of a funny youtube video in a recent article by the

I am not sure why the Colorado Springs Dept. or Fire Chief Rich Brown came out in the paper saying that they were the butt of a youtube video or even owned up to an internal investigation about who did it.

I wouldn’t have given it a thought. Nor would you be reading about it here…because I would not have seen anything about it and life would have gone on. Instead, we are all learning about “hurt feelings” in Colorado Springs and an investigation about whether or not it was done on duty.

I do not see how anyone would have known what department this was. There is no mention of the FD in the video.

The sad truth is that some of it is probably true, there are many other Hitler “FD” videos online, and nobody really cares who it is about.