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This is going to be short and sweet. I am behind…way behind. It isn’t a big deal though, I work for myself (I let my wife think she is in charge).

June 6th…lest we forget the Greatest Generation on D-Day…

My children had their last day of school today. We were going to go to the pool, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate. I need to show off the newer, thinner, slightly more muscular me. Yeah, I am proud…I have come a long way yet still have a long way to go. I feel great and I am proud. Thanks to my wife and others for the motivation.

The Fire Critic was nominated for a blog award hosted by California Casualty. Voting is currently going on. The Fire Critic will actually be showcased on Friday, but I thought I would get the voting going now. Currently we are in the lead! I don’t win anything but bragging rights. However, if I win, the National Firefighters Endowment will receive a $200 check!

Do me a favor, don’t look at any of the other blogs…cause if you do you will probably find that some blogs actually have purpose, personality, and people who read them…I warned you.

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Ok, here is the normal stuff:

Shoutout –

As some of you know, Captain Willie Wines Jr. and myself will be travelling to South Dakota in September for a benefit. The benefit is for the fellowship and Brotherhood of South Dakota’s Bravest as well as other firefighters from surrounding States. The event will benefit the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the National Firefighters Endowment.

Check out the event on the web site or on Facebook (and let us know if you are coming!)

They are expecting hundreds of firefighters from across South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Product Review of the Week

The product review for the FatIvan fold up door chock has been released on Check it out here and be sure to rate it yourself!

Daily911Deals Deal of the Week

The latest deal on is Memorial Day Shirts for Just $20 at Xtreme Valor Apparel. Check it out here


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News and Opinion

Fully Involved – Learning to See. The latest from Mark Vonappen…need I say more. Ok, I will add that Mark discusses his “ethos” or the architecture of “Fully Involved” as Learn, Coach, Lead, Ignite. – Death, Perspective, and the Garbageman… a great read from Brother Pete Sulzer.

“The garbage man doesn’t get excited when he turns the corner and sees trash, because he’s expecting it. Likewise, you should be expecting fire on every run.” – Lt. Andy Fredericks

Better Angels: The Firefighters of 9/11 is in New York City: June 4 – June 8, 8AM – 8PM, Teo World Financial Center. Check it out before it is gone!

FireMedicArt.comhas a new web site. Check out the new design and latest comics!

Brother Chris Botkin shared this photo of a Fire Critic/ IronFiremen Brotherhood Chip being used as a ball marker. Very nice!

Firefighter Dan – Future Firefighters sound the alarm! I am happy to announce that Firefighter Dan™ is coming to Metuchen, New Jersey with a week long summer camp. Firefighter Dan™ Fire Safety Camp will teach your child to recognize, reduce, and escape hazards using interactive animations, hands-on activities, crafts, games and more! Taking place July 30-August 3, 9am-12 at the Old Franklin School, 491 Middlesex Ave, Metuchen, Firefighter Dan™ wishes to educate our children in fire safety and community involvement.

IAFC – May 8…  Dress Uniforms – every firefighter deserves one, but does every firefighter want one? That’s a question the IAFC’s Volunteer & Combination Officers Section (VCOS) would like to get answered. If it turns out that every firefighter wants one but the only thing holding them back is the cost, we’ll move forward with a very ambitious program we’re calling “Got You Covered: A Dress Uniform on Every Firefighter.”  The target of “Got You Covered” is small volunteer or combination fire departments. The goal is to provide access to dress uniforms at a nominal cost through solicitation of corporate sponsors. What we need first is some data and we hope you’ll help by taking a brief online survey to answer some questions about dress uniforms.

Remembrance Rescue Project: Read more about this great organization here and on Facebook.

Latest news on the project here

Rescue 5 from 9/11 and the B-1 Bomber with its Crew Chiefs in Rockford, IL.

Original song from “TRIAL BY FIRE: Lives Re-Forged”