Helmet Cam Video – Interior and Exterior Attack on Large SFD

This fire was in Jacksonville, Florida on May 14, 2012 on Cinancy Street. The fire was captured on film by a helmet camera and shared by FDCam.com.

You just can’t win them all can you?

Check out more vids on FDCam.com and their Youtube page. I just wonder when they are going to send me one to try out!

Video info:

Jacksonville, FL
Crews were called for a mid-day structure fire. Fire crews found a large home (approx. 4000sqft) with heavy fire showing from the attic space of the second floor. Initial crews made a search to confirm no one was in the home and secondary units contained first floor fires. After little progress was made units were called out of the building and the fire was darkend down with master streams. Crews were sent back up to contain the fire but were eventually pulled from the home & the fire was contained with defensive tactics.