A Friend of a Friend is a Friend of Mine…I’ll help out!

Instead of me adding my two cents and a call to action on account of what is in that post, I will simply as you to

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Noah Filer

Then send in a patch if you can.

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I am sending in one of our patches from the site.


Here is an excerpt:

Bill wrote about his feelings in the guestbook. If you don’t believe that you should send in a patch… read this, you will:

“Dear Noah,

Well it has taken me a week to find the words to write you. You have been my partner on the ambulance since September 2008. Since that time we have spent a third of our lives together. Sometimes you are like a brother to me and other times you are like a son to me but you have always been family to me. Coming to work since your accident is challenging. All of us come in and do our jobs, but there is no laughter, no fun anymore. We all ask each other “how are you” and we all answer each other “I’m ok”. But, we’re not. This station is empty without you. I worked up the courage to peek inside your locker today to see if there was anything your folks or Jenny would want. I burst into tears and closed the door. I swear kid I’ve never cried so much in my life as I have in this last week. You have touched so many lives and I know for a fact that there is people walking the Earth today due to some of your actions. You are a hero. Maybe I didn’t tell you that very much before, but you need to know that. I had a new fella come and work with me today. He is a great guy, and like you, one with a promising future. But, HE IS NOT YOU. Some days I can eat, some days I can’t. Sometimes I can sleep, other times I can’t. I just want you to wake up and say Hi, that would make things so much better. I have visited with your Jenny and your Folks several times this week, and I hope they know they can count on me if they need anything. We are all hurting and only you can make us feel better. So keep fighting my friend! I know you can beat this.

I will be waiting as long as it takes for you to get better.


Your friend,
Bill Scheider