Best of the Rest – Hero Rush, FDIC, Quick Drills, and More!

I am gearing up for FDIC as many of my friends are as well. This year, Willie and I will be traveling with Mike Elston (Salem FD), and Andrew Catron (Kingsport FD). We look forward to many of the events. I will be posting our itinerary soon to let you all know where we will be.

My wife and I are planning on doing the Hero Rush in Maryland on April 28th. We just need to solidify someone to watch our children. We have a wedding to attend that evening in Norther Virginia as well.

Hopefully, Willie and I will have the patches and challenge coins by FDIC. The patches should be here later this week. We will let you know how to get yours soon! The patches were made by NM Coin LLC.

The pic on the right is our new patch!

This weeks “Best of the Rest” is a little short. Today, I decided to ride my bike (as in bicycle) to the gym and back. Did I mention it was “leg” day at the gym which is about an 8 mile ride one way. It was fun though!

Shoutout: Hero Rush

Web site: Hero Rush


Twitter: @HeroRush

An obstacle race & experience created by firefighters.

Quick Drills

You can view all of the weekly drills by here. Try these two at the firehouse this week:

Random Tweet of the Week

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