Are you in Western VA? Wanna be a FOOL?

Let me begin…I am not a FOOL…yet. But I want to be!

I am referring to the Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society or F.O.O.L.S as they are referred to.

The area around me used to have the “Star City FOOLS”. Unfortunately, they didn’t stand the test of time.

Willie Wines Jr. and I have talked about getting another chapter going in our area. Not that we are looking for something else to do, but rather another decent group to be a part of. The FOOLS embody a lot of what Willie and I are about.

I spoke with our friend, and former Star City FOOL, Mike Elston from Salem FD about starting one back up.

We are planning on a “meeting” at a local pub in Roanoke to invite/welcome all who are interested in getting a FOOLS chapter going.

Let me be clear though. Willie and I want to be a part of this chapter. We don’t want/need to be in charge of it. We are also looking for leaders who are interested in taking the reigns of the new chapter. I know of one brother in our department who might be a perfect fit for leading the FOOLS…but it will be up to the members!

Please let me know if you are interested. If you are in Western Virginia and not already in a FOOLS chapter, let me know. This would include from the Harrisonburg area south to NC and TN and all areas surrounding.

I will keep you posted on when the meeting will be. I want to collect names of individuals who are interested. So leave a comment, email me at, or hit me up on facebook!

Until then, read up on what the FOOLS is all about!