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Willie ( are always looking for decent products. Mostly, we don’t search around for them, they find us. Forward thinking companies have latched on to the social media, marketing, and advertising  network that is slowly evolving and centered around blogging, facebook, and a couple of web sites.

I am referring to this blog (,,,, and the related Facebook and Twitter pages/accounts.

NM-Coin is one of those companies. So are MN8 FoxFire, Box Alarm Leather, Wolfpak Leatherworks, and numerous others that we have wrote about in the past.

NM-Coin is in the process of creating some “official” merchandise for us. This includes patches and …gasp… challenge coins. We cannot wait.

Don’t worry, we will still have the Brotherhood Chips from

Check out NM-Coin on their web site and on Facebook.

I have talked to the guys at NM-Coin several times and they seem to be great guys. The pricing and down to earth customer service seems to be their greatest assets compared to other companies.

Here are the mock-ups for our patches and coins. Tell us what you think!

Our challenge coin will be similar (but different) to our Brotherhood Chip. You will be able to order one through NM-Coin. We will also have some to hand out.

Our patch. We have a few small edits, but it should be pretty decent!

This is a stock coin that NM-Coin is creating to make available. The attention to detail is amazing. Look for these available soon.

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