Brad “55” Harris Moves on Up

One of our guys at #3 is quitting leaving the department. He has found more gainful employment in Augusta County and will be starting there in a couple of weeks. Brad has been with the department about 7 years. He has worked with us for a couple of months at #3 since FF/PM Drew Abel went to work at #5. Brad’s departure is not unique, we have seen many of our firefighters leave the department for better benefits, better opportunity, and better pay at other departments. As a matter of fact, Brad will be joining another of Roanoke’s Bravest in Augusta. A couple of months ago, Captain Mike Armstrong retired to take a job as Deputy Chief in Augusta County.

Brad has fit right in with us. We have shared many laughs. Brad will be missed…we just aren’t sure by who.

Brad is also the head coach of the Roanoke Rampage Football team. The Rampage is part of the NPSFL. Brad was our star linebacker and got sidelined…he took up coaching. If you ask him, he was looking at another career in the NFL.

Brad’s assignments have been 7, old 5, 2, new 5, 3.

I invited his wife and children by the firehouse tonight for a special meal on his last day. Just by chance, we ended up with our entire crew at the dinner table with the Harris Family. We took the opportunity to take a picture of the entire crew.

We cooked steaks, baked potatoes, and broccoli. Toni Lynn, Brad’s wife, brought an ice cream cake and I also baked a “special” cake for Brad.

It was a great time! Next cycle will be so much better. We won’t have the constant whine coming from Brad about riding the medic truck or his challenging EMT-I class anymore… sigh.

Toni Lynn is welcome back any time!

Here are some photos