Firefighting Product Reviews in a League of Their Own

Over the past year, I have done a dozen or so product reviews. I have also helped companies connect with other bloggers to do reviews.

We just kicked it into overdrive! is live online. I have migrated all of the older reviews over to the new site and added some new ones to it. I will be adding Willie Wines Jr.’s reviews shortly.

The new site offers the ability for users (logged in or not) to rate products, comment on them, and share the reviews with others. – The Low-Down on Firefighting Products

This process of creating the new site has been long and worthwhile. I first thought of wanting to do reviews back in 2006, I began them 5 years later…and now the stand alone web site. The main reason why I moved the reviews to  a separate site was because of feedback wanting more information and more reviews. Apparently, the thumbs up or down means a lot to my readers and I want to build something that helps even more.

Companies are realizing the benefit of being mentioned by bloggers (not just mine). Our candidness, the networks we build, and the fact that many are still firefighters gives us a front seat in discussion, learning, teaching, and spreading the word. This 21st century word of mouth marketing is catching on.

We are on Facebook too! – Firefighter Product Reviews

If your company would like to have a review done by myself, Willie Wines Jr. (, or broader to a pretty decent bunch of fire service bloggers let me know.

I think what the companies enjoy the most is the mentions, discussion, and feedback they get when we talk about them on Facebook.

Recently completed reviews:

Reviews in the works:

  • Bowring Tool
  • FatIvan
  • Black Helmet Suspenders
  • Wolfpak Leatherworks Leather Suspenders
  • Book: ”The Calvary is Coming” by John Broyles
  • Book: “Notes From the Firehouse” by Doug McCourt
  • Westsider Front Holder