Best of the Rest – ELAFF, Quick Drills, LODD’s, Brotherhood Cuts, and an Appeal for EMS LODD Benefits

This past weekend was one helluva good time. I clocked out from the computer on my 4 day break (for the most part) and headed skiing with the family. I haven’t been skiing for around 15 years. It was my children’s first time on the slopes, and the first time skiing with my wife. We had a blast. If I had more time, I would have swung in to the McGaheysville VFD located just down the road from Massanutten Resort where we were staying. Already this year, I have family or fire service trips scheduled for Nashville, Gatlinburg, Columbus x2, South Dakota, Aruba, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, DC, Denver, and New Jersey. Let me know if you want to meet up and I will tell you when I will be in town!

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Today’s shoutout goes to some close friends of mine. The guys behind have emboddied the grassroots effort of creating a fire service community…backwards. Not that there is anything wrong with that! I found it interesting how they created a Facebook Page (albiet a joke at first), then a Twitter account, and finally ended it with a blog of their own. The truest tell of their ability is that they have been able to keep it going for 2 years now. I don’t know the exact timeframe, but most guys pack it up way before 2 years…These guys are still going strong!

Where is Chuck Norris when you need him? Word is that she was talking on the phone about something she was reading on! Found on the net, not sure if it is a real photo or not.

Facebook: Excessive Leather Accessories for Firefighters

Web Site:

Twitter: ELAFFHQ

Their latest post “A New Frontier” talks about getting to 1500 “likes” on their Facebook page and then they are going to start giving away swag. Click here, click “like”, and sit back and see if you win!

Quick Drills

You can view all of the weekly drills by here. Try these two at the firehouse this week:

News and Opinion – Firefighter Product Reviews is online. Right now, we are still working out the glitches and getting all of the previous reviews online. Next, we have a dozen new reviews to complete and publish. The new site allows readers to rate and comment on the products as well! Check it out now:

Two Virginia LODD’s – For those of you who don’t know it, I also run This past week, we have had two Line of Duty Deaths.

Paramedic Weissman’s funeral arrangments are available here

Can anyone tell me what this "FD" mark is next to the front door. The photo was taken in Florida.

Quick Takes on – Dave Statter always has a pile of news saved up for his Quick Takes he publishes on Monday. Read all the latest news here. 

Brotherhood Cuts – We are open for business. This is a very cool event that is kicking off on March 10th in North Carolina. Read more about it here. Brotherhood Cuts is an initiative to support the National Firefighters Endowment. Myself and Willie Wines Jr. are looking forward to more events in the future!

Speaking of National Firefighters Endowment…The first sweepstakes winner from The National Firefighters Endowment is Dan Shuck, firefighter at Williamston Fire Dept. He won a Bail-out bag. Connect with the Endowment on Facebook to see when the next sweepstakes will be!

Leatherhead 109 – Remember when the new buzz going around the Internet was all about better ways to do the job?  Better tactics, little nuggets, the tips and tricks.  That wasn’t all that long ago.  I remember one of the websites that I really took a liking to was “Fire Nuggets”…continue reading Fire Service Writing and Blogging: We were on a roll…

On The Lamb Productions –  My cousin died in 9/11 and in his honor I created a super hero called Fireman. A young firefighter with soul of a viking warrior in him. It’s a great story. I just released the first issue last week and I’m looking to sell thousands to bring an awareness of the men and woman that sacrifice their lives for everyone. The first responders. There will be 8 issues in this series and all are filled with suspense and drama. Oh and action.

Legislative Appeal for EMS LODD Benefits – Danny was a paramedic, a cop, and a firefighter.  If Danny had been working as a law enforcement officer, his family would have been covered. If Danny had been working as a firefighter, his family would have been covered. Danny died in the line of duty, and the federal government denied his family the Public Safety Officer Benefit to his wife & two children because his employer, Bensalem Rescue Squad, is a non-profit. Read my post here

FireGeezer – MORE THAN 100 MONMOUTH COUNTY FIREFIGHTERS were called to a commercial blaze in downtown Long Branch, New Jersey, Monday mid-day.  A large and difficult-to-control fire ripped through a 3-story apartment building and several adjoining businesses. via Fire Geezer – The Digital Dayroom – Firefighting Blog. – Medics’ alleged mistakes in Chicago girl’s death likely to cost $1.75M — Chicago taxpayers will likely spend $1.75 million to compensate the family of a 13-year-old girl who died of bronchial asthma in 2002 after a string of alleged mistakes made by Chicago Fire Department paramedics. via Medics’ alleged mistakes in Chicago girl’s death likely to cost $1.75M.

Controversy in Philly: Union says department is punishing heroes with burn policy. Commissioner says it’s about safety. | – From KYW-TV, firefighters are upset over a Philadelphia Fire Department policy about being burned on the job. The union says heroes are being punished instead of praised. The fire commissioner says it’s about safety. via Controversy in Philly: Union says department is punishing heroes with burn policy. Commissioner says it’s about safety. |