Our latest trip to NYC…We had a blast.

Willie Wines Jr. and I recently made our way up to New York City. We actually stayed in Hoboken, New Jersey. We were travelling and hanging out with Zach Green once again.

This time, we had several reasons for being in NYC. One specific reason was to drop off a couple of checks to Captain Liam Flaherty. Willie, Zach, and I headed up a fund raising campaign for the Rescue 2 MAYDAY fund which netted around $2300.

I wrote about our experience at Rescue 2 here. Willie and Zach followed up with posts about our NY trip:

I was a little under the weather on my trip and still not 100% when I got home. I rested and made it back to work in time. Among working on a brand new web site that will debut soon, I have been trying to catch up on email, house chores, and being a father and husband.

I am not going to write a real long post here. There are a couple of pictures I would like to share though.

The entire set of pictures can be viewed on The Fire Critic’s Facebook Page. Actually, the direct link for the photo album is here.There is so much more on that page than here including links to the stuff I write on the blog.

Here are just some of the highlights of the trip. We could have fun at an “Occupy” event…oh wait, we have done that as well. The plans for the year keep filling up. We have scheduled visits, or ones in the works, in North Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, and South Dakota already. We also plan on being at FDIC, FRI, and Firehouse Expo…Harrisburg maybe as well. Speaking of travel, I will be in Nashville on the weekend of Feb. 17th if anyone wants to meet up!