Audio: Tulsa Firefighter James P. O’Neal Brought Back To Life After MAYDAY at House Fire

A similar occurrence happened to a firefighter in my department. He went down in a fire, was revived on scene, in the ambulance, and again at the hospital. He is back on duty and works at my station on another shift. We are happy to have gotten him back.

The exact details to what happened to this Tulsa Firefighter haven’t been disclosed. Read below and then listen to the audio.

TULSA, Oklahoma –

A Tulsa firefighter was brought back to life following a house fire Saturday night. The fire was deliberately set, according to an update by the Tulsa Fire Department.

James P. O’Neal, 35, is a 14-year TFD veteran. He is recovering from his injuries on Sunday.

O’Neal was responding to a house fire in the 4900 block of North Elwood Avenue at about 7:30 p.m. He was assigned to fire attack on a home that was showing heavy smoke and flames.