2011 Year in Review – The Best of The Fire Critic for 2011

2011 was a great year here at FireCritic.com. Most of it was experienced along side Willie Wines Jr. We truly have a great time traveling and hanging out once we get to wherever we ended up. We made it to Atlanta, Indianapolis, New Jersey, New York City, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and plenty other places. Let me be clear here, when we travel we are all business when there is a job to be done. Once we are cut loose, we make the most of it. Much of our experiences are heightened by the people we meet, hang out with, enjoy a drink with, or even shed a tear with.

I am blessed. I never thought for a minute that FireCritic.com would rise to the status it has. I never estimated the network, reach, and friends I would make along the way. I also have never, and will never take a second of it for granted. I have made the greatest attempt to answer every email, twitter message, Facebook message, text, and phone call. Some of you have even received an email from me months after correspondence. This is because I lost it in the shuffle but didn’t want to forget about it after seeing it again.

2012 is proving to offer some great opportunities as well. Be sure to check out the Holiday Message from The Real Fire Critic here!

To all of you (both of you) readers, friends, fans, and fellow firefighters I hope to provide more fun, humor, news, information, links, and everything else that The Fire Critic embodies. Keep sending in your links, information, stories, and pictures!

Here are some other “year in reviews” worth reading:

One last thing before the rundown of the typical year in review here at FireCritic.com…

A special message to Dave Statter –

Dave, bardzo dziękuję za pracę, którą wykonujesz w STATter911.com. W pracy możesz zrobić dla straży pożarnej to hołd dla prawdziwych mężczyzn i kobiet straży pożarnej na całym świecie.

Mam nadzieję, że 2012 to wielki dla Ciebie.

Trzymajcie tak dalej pracować …

No i o tym ostatni e-mail … Nie sądzę, że jest to dobry pomysł, aby blog ten temat jest dobry pomysł, abyzmienić nazwę DCFD do FEMS. Ja również nie sądzę, należy wyjść i zatwierdzić nowe zmiany w DC.Uważają, że moje darmowe porady.

Top articles for 2011

They are in order of #1 – #20 and they are the most read stories during 2011.

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  18. Android Applications for the Fire & EMS Service
  19. Updated: LODD Muncie (IND) Firefighter is Killed After Church Roof Collapses During Fire
  20. San Francisco Firefighter Dies After Flashover: LODD Video, Audio, and Links

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  1. FireEMSBlogs.com
  2. STATter911.com
  3. IronFiremen.com
  4. FireGeezer.com
  5. VAFireNews.com
  6. Reddit.com
  7. FirefighterNation.com
  8. Ohnotheydidn’t.livejournal.com
  9. AmbulanceDriverFiles.com
  10. Firehouse.com
  11. Report-on-conditions.blogspot.com
  12. RescuingProvidence.com
  13. SConFire.com
  14. Blog.IAFF.org
  15. FDNYRant.Proboards.com

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  4. Australia
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  7. Netherlands
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  11. RockMelt

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  2. Search Traffic 35.93%
  3. Direct Traffic 25.93%
  4. Other 2.07%

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  1. Fire Critic
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  6. Firehouse Pranks
  7. Demotivational Posters
  8. Gifts for Firefighters
  9. Sexy Firemen
  10. Boobs
  11. 9 11 Documentary French Brothers Watch Online
  12. Motivational Posters
  13. Best Fire Departments to Work For
  14. Beer
  15. 9 11 French Brothers Documentary Watch Online