Captivating Video of a Dog Rescued from The Icy Red River by Fargo Firefighters

It doesn’t get much closer than this in giving you the perspective of the rescuer. This video offers a first person point of view of Fargo, ND firefighters rescuing Jake, a black labrador from the icy waters of the Red River in the El Zagal Golf Course. The rescue occurred on Tuesday, December 27th.

Jake is making a full recovery and is back with his family.

I cannot think of any other ice rescue helmet camera video I have seen in the past. Great job guys! Thanks to David Carcich for sharing this one on Facebook. Be sure to catch up with The Fire Critic on Facebook as well!

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In this photo provided by the Fargo Fire Department, Fargo firefighters save Jake, a black Labrador stuck on the ice by El Zagal Golf Course in Fargo, N.D., on Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011. Jake’s owner stated that he got away from him after his invisible fence quit working. (AP Photo/Fargo Fire Department)

Read the following from Invisible Fence® Brand:
The recent coverage and video of the dog rescued from the Red River showed the courage of our first responders and their compassion for animals.

Reports did indicate that Jake wandered because his “invisible fence” stopped working. As the company whose brand name “Invisible Fence” is often mistaken as the generic name for the industry, we wanted to clarify that this was not an Invisible Fence® Brand system, and also explain the difference between Invisible Fence® Brand and other brands.

– Invisible Fence® Brand is the only electronic containment company with a 99.5% success rate
– Invisible Fence® Brand is the only form of pet containment recommended by four out of five veterinarians
– Invisible Fence® Brand solutions are sold and serviced exclusively through our international network of certified, authorized dealers and even more importantly, include expert training for both the pet and the owner
– Invisible Fence® Brand has kept over two million pets safe in their yards

As the pioneer of the technology nearly 40 years ago, Invisible Fence® Brand has continually advanced its technology and training to keep pets safe and secure at home. As part of our commitment to pets and their safety, we’ve taken our dedication beyond the home and committed to Project Breathe™, a program we initiated that provides pet oxygen mask kits to first responders in emergency situations. Donated masks have been used to resuscitate animals suffering from smoke inhalation and also from ice rescues, like Jake. Invisible Fence® Brand of Fargo is currently coordinating a donation with the Fargo Fire Department. For more information, visit: