Tehran, Iran Aghdasyeh Firefighters Apparently Don’t have Regulations for Camera Use on Scene

As best as I can tell, this video is from Aghdasyeh or Aghdasieh (Persian: اقدسیه, also spelled Aghdassieh) which is north of Tehran, Iran. I apologize if my geography is off a little.

This video is taken by either a passenger in a fire apparatus or an actual firefighter. Apparently, they don’t have any regulations on the use of video cameras on scene.

Fast forward to the 2:50 mark and you will see what I am talking about.

Whatever you do, do not do this in the States! While it is not clear if the victim is deceased or not, we have HIPAA regulations preventing us from sharing a video such as this without getting in trouble. Most of us also have policies on using cameras on scene.

If indeed this is a firefighter, what use is it to have a firefighter on scene merely taking video? There is a small chance that this persons assignment is to take video, but by the mere fact that this video was uploaded to youtube negates that. No department should post a video like this one.