Raw Video: FDNY Rescue 2 Firefighter Rescued from Brownstone in Crown Heights on Fire. 4 Others Injured

Below is the amazing video of an FDNY Firefighter from Rescue 2 bailing out of a window onto an aerial ladder. The firefighter is in flames as he gets out of the building and another firefighter helps put out the flames. Check out STATter911.com for more details on this fire. In total, 5 firefighters were injured in this fire with some experiencing severe burns.

I will also be adding updates of this incident on The Fire Critic Facebook page

Captain Willie Wines Jr. sits at the table and talks shop with the firefighters of FDNY Rescue 2

Captain Wines, Zach Green, and I also recently visited Rescue 2 and other FDNY firehouses. You can view images here.

I do not know if any of the men we met during our trip were injured in this fire and it really doesn’t matter. I do hope our injured brothers heal quickly so they can get back on the rig to fight the next fire.

Update from The Secret List:

FDNY Firefighters rescued one of their own earlier, pulling him “on fire” from a Brooklyn brownstone. As members searched the Crown Heights dwelling for victims, the top floor of the 3 story dwelling on Prospect Place apparently flashed, trapping at least one Rescue 2 Firefighter inside. An aerial ladder was raised to the third floor window and another Firefighter at the top of the ladder helped get him out. The FF was burning and the FF on the ladder hit him on his back to knock down the fire.

Here is a video with some more information and a clearer look at the fire