The Real Dave Statter Exposed. Including Photos he had Faked to Show Himself as a Firefighter

Since Dave has come out and admitted that I am his child, I figured that I should share some things about him that you might not already know. I wish I had more, but I moved out as soon as I could…I was 2 years old. Some of these items Dave has been trying to hide for years. Since he has turned over a new leaf and wants to disclose everything I figured I would do my part in helping him out.

This post is in response to Dave’s post here. While I do enjoy the humor in it, I find it disgusting that Dave thinks he is even half the man my father is.

Just to keep you up to date…

Dave did an amateurish expose on how I don’t exist, then did a second part about how Willie and Dave were the ones behind Then, Dave came out and stated he was my father.

This is just one of the photos I found on Dave's laptop that he had professionally faked to show the world he is a firefighter.

So which is it Dave? I still believe in my theory that you want to be me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I WAS amazed to find several photos on Dave’s laptop that he had professionally altered to show that he is/was a firefighter. Apparently, Dave was ready to use these fake photos to show everyone that I was wrong. Before he dupes you guys anymore, I feel the need to break the story on these phony photos and save the fire service further embarrassment by Dave Statter.

Check out the Fire Critic Facebook Fan Page for more fake photos of Dave Statter claiming to be a firefighter

Please feel free to add anything you would like to the list in the comments. If we get some real good ones, I will add them to the list!

What you should know about the REAL Dave Statter

  1. Dave quit the fire department after only a couple of days because they already had a photographer
  2. Dave thought about rejoining, but they didn’t have an ambulance
  3. Dave loves Jerry Engle
  4. He has a bumper sticker that says “My other car is a firetruck”…It’s not
  5. Dave’s real name is David
  6. Dave’s real last name is Statterstein
  7. Dave is afraid of zombies
  8. Dave doesn’t stutter, he just repeats certain parts of words a lot when he is excited
  9. Dave reads a lot….of picture books
  10. Dave wets the bed
  11. Dave always has to use the restroom after eating…to avoid having to clean up or pay the bill
  12. Dave doesn’t wear any underwear…he wears a man diaper
  13. Dave did not invent the internet
  14. Dave thinks Kentland should have 3 ambulances
  15. Dave only likes blue m&m’s
  16. Dave’s favorite singer is Justin Bieber
  17. Dave’s nickname in high school was buger
  18. Dave’s nickname in college was man-child
  19. Dave once spent 3 hours looking all over a firehouse for a hose stretcher
  20. Dave is a draft dodger. He went to Mexico after Canada kicked him out.
  21. Dave sucks his thumb
  22. Dave was caught wearing a woman’s dress…twice
  23. Dave once spent 2 hours trying to pick a penny up off the sidewalk. Someone had glued it down.
  24. Dave’s favorite book is “I want to be a firefighter”. It was written for 3 year olds.
  25. Dave thinks FEMS is a good name for DCFD
  26. Dave doesn’t know how to write cursive
  27. Dave can recite the first 3 digits of Pi
  28. Dave has a picture of me hanging over his mantel
  29. When Dave golfs, he uses the ladies tees
  30. Dave sleeps with a nightlight
  31. Dave wears a shirt when swimming