Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters 2011

The 2011 Christmas season is in full swing.

Willie Wines Jr. recently posted’s Top Ten Stocking Stuffers here. There are some great gift ideas on the list! While some of those items might have made it to this list, I decided not to duplicate in order to give you all some more options.

What a great start to buying for that significant firefighter in your life.

You can read the past years Top Ten Christmas Gifts lists:

This year will be no different. The best gifts for firefighters. Some of these are custom gifts and will require ordering…don’t worry they are worth the wait!

Here we go…

10. Ride Backwards Apparel

Ride Backwards is what it is all about. Apparel for the fit firefighter…or the one trying to get fit. If your firefighter is working towards being healthier or is already there, Ride Backwards gear is made for them. Let me be clear though…Ride Backwards isn’t just an apparel company, they are a community of like minded firefighters who train, exercise, and lead healthy lives. I can’t put my finger on exactly why I love this company, I have only met a couple of the people behind the company once. I just love following them on Facebook and keeping in touch with their fan base.

If you are trying to get fans on Facebook or build a community you should definitely be taking notes from them!

Check out their web site here. They have some great products!

9. Phenix Leather Helmet

I wish I could tell you mine fit great, but I haven’t received it yet. I have one on order, a gift from a friend (more on that later). Let me say that I have had one on my head and it felt awesome. I have had several leather helmets and as the times change, technology changes, regulations change the leather helmets have changed. Some of them have become very cumbersome. While I have not tested this helmet out, it felt very good to wear. One of the biggest things I liked about it is that it sits low on my head.

I cannot wait to have it in my hands! The picture to the right is mine in production.

Check out Phenix helmets online here.

8. Firefighter Calendar

Whether you are looking for a bunch of hot men or women firefighters we have you covered. You can view the hottest male firefighter calendars here and the hottest female firefighter calendars here. Most of these support a great cause and are organized by firefighters. Pick your poison and order a calendar for that special firefighter in your life. Better yet, order one for yourself too!

My personal favorite has to be the America’s Female Firefighters Calendar. Check out their site here and they are on Facebook as well.

7. Firefighter Apparel

I admit, some firefighting apparel is gaudy and over the top. If your firefighter is going to wear firefighting apparel they need to be wearing the right stuff. Trust me, there is plenty of stuff out their for different tastes.

I suggest you look at:

6. Leather Bunker Boots

Much like #1 on our list this year, too many firefighters are not provided leather bunker boots. It amazes me that departments waste their money on rubber boots. In my department, rubber boots merely take up space on the tops of our lockers. Although there are a few firefighters who still wear them because they don’t care about their feet enough to purchase leather boots on their own.

I cannot speak for all of the brands, but I will tell you that the Black Diamond X Boot, Black Diamond X2 Boot, and Lion Apparel Marshall boots (all links to product reviews) are great boots.

I also hear that the Globe leather boots and Haix leather boots are great boots.

You can buy the boots on

5. NFFF Merchandise

Supporting the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) is the right thing to do. They take care of our Fallen and their families. Purchasing, gifting, and wearing their merchandise supports their mission.

They have cups, mugs, challenge coins, picture frames, posters, books, stuffed animals, charms, and so much more!

Support the NFFF, they are supporting us!

Check them out online. Their store is here.

4. MN8 Foxfire Illuminating Gear

I have been a long time fan of the illuminating gear from MN8. I have done some product reviews on their stuff and use it on a regular basis. The thing about their products is that it isn’t another product, it is a better spin on a current product. Instead of simply having a helmet band, you can have one that illuminates. Instead of having grip tape on on a tool, you can have grip tape that illuminates. They also have epoxy grip that illuminates for tools. Soon, we they will be unveiling a brand new tetrahedron for firefighter use. I can’t say much more, but it is impressive.

Check out MN8 on Facebook as well. Another company creating a community around their products.

View their products on their web site. Purchase their products on

3. Custom Leather Accessories

No not the Excessive Leather Accessories for Fire Fighters (, I am actually talking about custom leatherwork by firefighters for firefighters. Might I point you in the direction of Box Alarm Leather. They do everything from helmet shields to radio straps and can custom make just about anything. Check them out here.

There are plenty of other great custom leather companies as well:

2. Brotherhood Chips

You may not know it, but that special firefighter in your life is sure to read both and

They can now carry us with them wherever they go. Introducing the FireCritic/IronFiremen “Brotherhood Chip”. It is smaller and weighs less than the typical “challenge coin”, but serves the same purpose.

Challenge Coins are a long held tradition within the Military, Fire and Police Service. Now, your firefighter can have one from 2 of the Nation’s top Fire Service Bloggers!

We designed the chips with the words “Tradition”, “Honor”, “Pride”, “Respect” and “Brotherhood” on the edge. That is what we are about and is exactly what we are trying to spread.

Get more details and purchase yours by clicking  HERE .

We got our chips made by Check them out!

1. Personal Rescue Escape System

Too few firefighters have these!

I do not own and am not issued a commercially made personal rescue escape system, bailout bag, or whatever you might call it. I do have a pretty decent set up that I can use as a search line or rescue rope/webbing for victims or other firefighters as well as a bailout system for myself.

Here is the thing…every firefighter should own and carry some sort of setup. Whether it is a commercially made system or a made up system of caribeeners and rope/webbing they should have it.

If their department is like mine and doesn’t care about this need in our job, you can step in and get it for your firefighter. offers several different setups. Check them out.