Rip Shears – Product Review

I was sent some Rip Shears to do a product review. I received a preassembled set and one to add to shears we already had. I haven’t done many EMS product reviews, but I figured the guys on the medic truck might be able to use them.

I placed both sets on the medic unit and asked the guys to let me know how they perform. The were used occasionally, and I was told that they did speed up the process of removing clothes.

I wondered how they would be faster than just starting with scissors and then tearing the clothing. I finally got my answer on a call were we had to remove some clothing. I grabbed a pair of trauma shears with the Rip Shears attachment. I cut the bottom cuff of one leg of denim jeans on a patient, then ran up the leg with the Rip Shears. I have to admit that they cut smoother and in one action than ripping twice or more with my hands.

The Rip Shears are a simple attachment to trauma shears that we already carry. It makes sense. We aren’t adding ANOTHER pair of shears, we are making the ones we carry better. That is always one big question when I get products…Do we need it, do we have to add another tool, or are we making a tool better? In this case, we are making a tool better.

The blades can wear out, but they sent a replacement set of blades with them. I have not had to replace the blades yet.

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The Rip Shears cost around $15 and can be bought here. This would be a great gift for any Paramedic or EMT!

The Rip Shears hanging in the ceiling of our Medic Unit.

This model actually glows in the dark. This could save time if you are operating outside in the dark!

According to their site:

Rip Shears are the Worlds’ fastest trauma shears! Rip Shears enable emergency medical personnel to drastically reduce the critical time required to access and treat wound sites under multiple layers of clothing, equipment or body armor. Just snip and rip! Originally designed and tested by US Navy SEALs to perform in the harshest environments. The Ripper unit is 100% made in the USA and will bolt onto most sets of standard 7 1/4″ EMS trauma shears. Its user-replaceable blades, made form 440A surgical-grade stainless steel for durability and corrosion-resistance, receive a proprietary treatment to improve cutting ability and edge retention, making them last 5x longer than standard carbon steel blades. Available either as preassembled Rip Shears (scissors imported) or as a retrofit (Ripper unit only).


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