Let’s Set the Record Straight…I am a Firefighter. Dave Statter Wishes he was Me!

Several months ago, Dave Statter did some amatuerish fake reporting stating that I did not exist. I admit, Dave got me good…which wasn’t hard since he has been stalking me for years now. The only reason why I am not in the video is because he called to say he was coming into town…so I got the hell out of town.

Some might say that I got him better with my post here. By some, I mean even Dave according to close friends.

I though the videos that Dave did were humorous. However, so many of Dave’s readers and even some of mine actually bought it and thought that I really DON”T exist.

Unfortunately, I have to set the record straight. It still amuses me that so many fell for it, yet professionally it has people wondering what the hell the truth is.

The truth is that I do exist. I am a Lieutenant (engineer with acting ability when my Captain is off). I have been with my department for almost 13 years. The department I work for is an Urban department in Virginia (population 10ok). Previously, I was a volunteer and also worked for a much larger EMS department (both also in Virginia). I have mentioned the departments in the past and it is very easy to figure out what department I work for (watch the video below).

What is also very amusing is that all of these firefighters believe Dave Statter. Dave was never a firefighter. He claims he was, but I assure you he was not. He might have been a member of a department for a couple of hours, but then decided just to report on it. Dave is a reporter…hell, that isn’t even true anymore. They fired him. It is unfortunate, and Dave doesn’t like to talk about it.

The reason why Dave feels the need to discredit me is because I am everything he is not…I am young and I am a firefighter. I am much more than that, but I don’t need to go on.

  • I would never mention how his wife has a huge crush on me.
  • How I have been blogging a lot longer than Dave.
  • I wouldn’t even think about mentioning at how I discovered Dave when he started blogging and helped him along getting him his first readers.
  • It would be callous of me to even think of bringing up the fact that when Dave visited the station where I work the firefighters caught him smelling my gear.

And that is only the beginning…what about all of the phone calls Willie and I get from Dave when we are travelling. Dave constantly bothers us wondering what we are doing and when we will let him tag along in the future (which will never happen).

Not that I am looking for any validation, but I have been a trooper through this whole thing. It is kinda weird having a stalker. Especially when it is a grown man. Seriously, Dave won’t leave me alone. I have to watch my back.

On a recent trip up to Maryland, Dave invited Willie and I over. We didn’t realize that Dave was going to be there…awkward. Dave spent 3 hours questioning Willie on what it was like to travel with me, what my favorite color was, and about the fires I have been in.

So there you have it. I do exist, I run numerous web sites, have been blogging for around 7 years, a career firefighter for 13, volunteer before that, and I like long walks on the beach…just as long as Dave isn’t stalking me.

Below are the videos that Dave posted about me not existing. I admit that they are pretty good for a hack.