Remembering Hal Bruno

Hal Bruno was laid to rest on Friday, November 11th. Hal was one of the most popular and effective advocates for the fire service…ever. He was an active firefighter for 60 years.

For more than 60 years, Hal Bruno served as an active member of the fire service community, giving selflessly as a dedicated volunteer firefighter, advocate, commentator and leader. He is renowned for his commitment to fire safety initiatives and his compassion for the members of the fire service and their families. (source: NFFF)

It is imperative that our firefighters know and understand who Hal Bruno was and what Hal Bruno stood for. I never met the man, but his legacy will remain as a huge influence on the fire service.

It is important that we teach our firefighters because they will Hal didn’t work on the glorious end of firefighting. He didn’t teach firefighting, or strategy, or tactics, or any of that. Hal fought for the fire service. His legacy did not have to do with how you fought fire, but moreso that you had the tools you needed to fight the fire.

Hal was also a longtime chairman of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Bruno was appointed chairman of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in 1999, a distinction he held until his retirement in 2008. Under Hal’s leadership the NFFF expanded services and resources for the survivors, including workshops, conferences and scholarships. He guided and supported the Foundation in developing safety initiatives for firefighters and advancing safety practices that will help to reduce the number of line of duty deaths and injuries. (source: NFFF)

He died at the age of 83 on election day.

Dave Statter wrote a piece on Hal here that you should definitely read. Dave knew Hal and shares a timeline of events which will give you and understanding about what Hal was about. I should have written something sooner, but I was travelling. I offer this to you now. Read, understand, and share who Hal Bruno was and what Hal Bruno’s legacy stands for.