Heading to Kentucky and ELAFF Jakes Visit Roanoke

This past weekend, Willie Wines Jr. and I had a couple of guys visit us. Maybe you have heard of them. They run ELAFFHQ.com which is an offshoot of a Facebook Fan page which won the award for longest name last year = Excessive Leather Accessories for Firefighters.

I would post a picture, but they are scared to share their true identity….sigh. Anonymity is overrated.

I would look to see if they have written about their visit, but Willie and I have sworn off their site until they grow up and come out of the closet sharing their true identity with the rest of the World.

Actually, I did see they have written two posts about their trip. I have not had a chance to post anything about it.

Lt. Lemon (the quiet one in person, but loud one behind a computer) wrote about it here

Captain Chaos (the one who wouldn’t shut up) wrote about it here

After reading the posts I felt a kinship with Rodney “No Respect” Dangerfield. I hope they liked the BBQ…I will post pictures of what I did to it before sending it to #13 later!

When are those amateurs gonna realize I don’t have feelings?

We had a great time and got to show them some of the rich firefighting history here in Roanoke…the same history that too many take for granted and so many have completely forgotten about.

Heading to Kentucky

Willie and I are heading out in the morning on our way to Kentucky. I am presenting Social Media in the Fire Service for the Kenton County Fire Chiefs Association and Kentucky Fire Chiefs Association at the Officer Leadership Symposium in Edgewood, Kentucky.

I will be presenting on Friday. On Thursday, Captain Bill Gustin will be presenting some great information on firefighting operations.

Check out more about the symposium here

Willie and I will also be catching up with Zach Green of MN8 on his home turf Friday night and Saturday. To be quite honest, his home turf is mere miles from where I was born. I am looking forward to seeing my original stomping grounds. If you are in the Cincinnati area and want to get together Friday night let me know. We are getting together for some beers in the Cincy area.

There is a chance that we might bump into friend and legend Chief Billy Goldfeder. Fanboy Wines loves getting a photo with Billy every chance he gets!

We look forward to the last planned trip of the year.

This has been a very busy couple of weeks and the emails, messages, tasks, and questions have been adding up. I hope to get to everything as soon as I can. I have plenty more posts on the way including a couple of epic Top Ten lists!

Stay tuned