Citizens Arrest, Citizens Arrest…Sheriff’s Deputies Replaced by Security Guards!

The axe continues to fall on public safety. The public’s safety is not safe anymore…but does anyone really care? Public Safety across the Nation has experienced closures, brownouts, cuts, lost benefits, hacked retirements, decreased wages, and been the scapegoat long enough. When will the public start caring about their safety enough to stand up and question these types of measures? has the story here

You heard it right, Sheriff’s Deputies are being replaced by security guards in Foley, Minnesota. A private security firm, General Security, will be answering 911 calls full time beginning in January.

In case you were wondering…the security guards cannot investigate crimes or do traffic stops. They can’t even “arrest” people. What they can do is what every other citizen in Foley can do = make citizen arrests!

This is a cost savings measure by the City Council Members. Previously, they had Benton County Sheriff’s Deputies patrolling the area.

Apparently, the Foley City Council wants to be on the forefront of change just not change anyone can believe in: Mayor Gary Gruba said Foley is the first city he’s heard of that has used a private security company. But he said he has heard other cities are looking at the option to save costs. Read more

I don’t know about you, but I think they are missing the boat on this one. They could save more money removing all of the traffic signs and getting money for recycling them. Who needs them if no one is going to enforce them. Furthermore, why spend money on the security guards at all? Why not just set up a City-wide neighborhood watch.

What the hell are they thinking?

No one is safe. Not our jobs or the public we protect. As long as public safety is on the chopping block, the public will continue to suffer.

Why not just replace the City Council and other paid positions in the City of Foley with interns? That would save a dime or two!