Close Call Video: Two Lowell Firefighters Rescued at Church Fire After Mayday

Two Lowell, Massachusetts firefighters had to be rescued by other firefighters when they began running out of air in the basement of a church fire. The firefighters outside quickly removed a window grate and removed both firefighters.

The fire occured at the Ste. Marie’s Church, part of Holy Family Parish and firefighters were trying to keep the fire from spreading to the basement.

“They were running low on air and they couldn’t find their way out,” Lemire said.

Firefighters from Engine 6, designated as a rapid-intervention team, rushed into the building, located their colleagues and pulled them out to safety. One engine at all fires is designated as RIT, and has no job at the fire except to be prepared if other firefighters get in trouble.

Lemire said neither firefighter was injured. From the Lowell Sun

The firefighters were treated at the scene. Video is below.